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With all of our products, we work alongside each customer to develop the right formulation to meet their specific needs. Our production process gives us the ability to customize every order down to the bag size. We follow all international requirements that have been established by governmental agencies to insure proper packaging.

TEXEX® Negative Expanders

APG produces the TEXEX® brand of negative expander at both of our locations in Texas and in Virginia. The negative battery plate expander is used by both automotive and industrial lead-acid manufacturers throughout the world.

Negative expander is a blend of Barium Sulfate, Wood Lignin and Carbon Black.  Once these materials are blended together, negative expander is used as an additive in the negative plate of lead-acid batteries to help perform a variety of functions, such as starting the engine and extending the life of the battery. The use of our negative expander is critical to the performance of the lead-acid battery.

Our product can be found in a variety of vehicles and equipment that you may use every day, below are just some examples of ways you may have already been using our product:

  • • Automotive: Cars, Trucks, Boats, Recreational Vehicles, Lawn & Garden Equipment, Golf Carts, Electric Vehicles
  • • Industrial: Forklifts, Mining Equipment, Locomotives
  • • Standby & Reusable Power: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Telecommunications, Solar Panels
  • • Military: Submarines, Tanks, Aircraft


Safety Data Sheets for Negative Expander SDS are available for North America, Korea, Brazil, China and Europe.

Powdered Metals

Our facility in Garland, TX also produces lead powder, tin powder, antimony powder and tin/lead alloy powders in a wide range of particle sizes. All of our metal powders are manufactured, blended and packaged to customer specifications.

These metal powders can be found in a wide variety of industrial applications:

  • • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • • Radiological Protective Clothing
  • • Industrial X-Ray Shielding, Airport Security Systems
  • • Anti-Friction Products: Bearings, Bushings and Other Automotive Parts


Safety Data Sheets for Powered Metals in Antimony Powder SDS - United States, Antimony / Lead Powder SDS - United States, Lead Powder SDS - North America, Lead Powder SDS - Europe, Lead / Tin Powder SDS - United States and Tin SDS - United States.

Atomized Products Group, Inc. is the global provider in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of TEXEX brand negative battery plate expanders and base metal powders. APG was incorporated in Georgia in 1996 and continues to operate metal powder systems and negative battery plate expander production at the facility in Garland, TX.

The continued worldwide growth of the lead acid battery industry has given APG the opportunity to add a second expander production facility in Chesapeake, VA. This facility’s close proximity to two deep seawater ports in Norfolk, VA allows us to greatly increase production volumes and more efficiently supply our client base overseas.

With these two locations, APG has the leading position of supplying negative expanders to customers in North America and throughout the world.

Both facilities are ISO:9001 certified...


The Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) has officially recognized and certified both Atomized Products Group, Inc. and Atomized Products Group of Chesapeake, Inc. as Women Business Enterprises!

Thanks to this certification, any customer wishing to begin or enhance their supplier diversity program can now do so by purchasing directly from APG, Inc. and APG of Chesapeake, Inc.

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